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Aura analysis

Aura Analysis

The AURA VIDEO STATION will give you a true and real-time feedback of your Mind, Body and Energy. To see your colorful aura on a computer or television screen is not only exciting but also very therapeutic and educational. It can help you in your journey towards balance, well-being and individual growth.


If we took the time to look at the individuals around us we would observe a large variety of people with very distinguished personality traits and behaviors. Some are outgoing, extroverted and fun-oriented. Some are detail oriented, analytical and structured. Others are quiet, peaceful and introverted. With simple observation we can experience the gamut of physical and emotional behavior, belief systems and a wide variety of motivations throughout our society.

The majority of thinking individuals understand and accept that every human being has a specific and unique personality. Subsequent questions which arise are: Is every human being completely unique in their own personality? Is every human being experiencing life in their inner world, the world of emotion and thought, completely unique? Are there certain common traits, behavior patterns and basic types of personalities which bond and attract large groups of people? Or, is there something even beyond our individual personalities?

Throughout recorded history many attempts have been made to classify or integrate the different human personality characters, the nature of man, into systems which we are able to learn from and understand.

These classifications focus on inner processes and give us in depth information about a person's inner life.

One of the very first personality systems was developed in ancient Greece by Hippocrates. His model, which he referred to as, the "Four Temperaments", divided human personalities into four major and completely distinctive groups. For informational purposes, Hippocrates named his "Four Temperaments" sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic and choleric.

Over the last three hundred years, scientists, healers and psychologists have become acutely aware of the importance of colors and their connection with human emotional or mental conditions. As previously mentioned, the famous physician Paracelsus was so aware of the importance of colors that he used this knowledge in many of his treatments.

During the last few decades the field of psychology has also recognized there are basically only a few, typical, human behavioral patterns or personality types. Carl G. Jung, the founder of modern psychology, has used the term "archetypes" to describe the deep rooted structures of human behavior. In the early 1920's Jung developed his now considered classical, "Theory of personality types".

Since 1970 worldwide recognition has been granted to Max Luescher, the noted Swiss psychologist. His "Luescher Color Test" is used internationally by other well known psychologists, counselors and healing professionals. His work laid the foundation for the acceptance and the importance of colors, especially when used in the healing professions.

For the first time since psychology was accepted as a science, the Luescher Color Test found a direct connection between different archetypes, respective psychological patterns and the qualities of colors. The Luescher test has been used successfully for more than 40 years by health professionals and in all facets of business counseling. However, the Luescher test focuses primarily on the psychological aspects of our personality and uses only a partial wholistic approach.

Color therapy offers additional information about the connection of color qualities with certain personality traits and even physical function in various areas of the body. In color therapy certain colors are used to both influence and treat emotional, psychological and physical problems. For example, Red indicates a stimulation of our physical body and our nervous system. Green is stabilizing and balances. Blue calms our emotions and thoughts and creates peace and expansion. With color therapy we find a clear connection and interaction between the effects of colors and psycho-emotional states.

To my surprise, personality models have not been used or even studied with a degree of sincerity within the therapeutic healing or mainstream, psychological community. Many schools of thought continue to reject the idea that human personality can be modeled at all and that its use would be beneficial not only for mental and wholistic health but also a persons general well-being.

Fortunately, many psychologists, counselors and other health professionals are well aware of the above concepts and integrate their knowledge about human nature and behavior into th

eir daily practices. This is especially found in the field of mind/body healing where an increasing number of practitioners are using and integrating the fact that human personality and behavior is closely connected with our physical, emotional and mental health.

Several of the current personality models are thought to be controversial because academics do not consider them to be "scientific" enough. They cannot be understood or conceptualized from the standpoint of a purist, scientific mind. Science, knowledge, analyzing, etc. are attributes of the left hemisphere of our brain. To understand the human aura and the power of colors we need to activate our right hemisphere which utilizes intuition, inner knowing, sensitivity and other similar characteristics.

The Inneractive Aura Color Test works with both hemispheres of the brain. As humans we possess the capacity to not only intuitively understand concepts, but also to apply and use them in our daily lives. Scientific, analytical people can learn much and expand themselves greatly if they begin to exercise more of their intuitive, artistic system. Conversely, and equally important, personalities which are intuitive and artistic need to understand with clarity that in order to be a whole and complete person we need to unify and use both parts of our brain.


The Inneractive Aura Video technology and Aura Mastery were developed over years of research with tens of thousands of people being tested with Inneractive Systems and Biofeedback Imaging. We have also incorporated and assimilated vast research which has been accumulated by other experts in the field of Biofeedback, Life Energy and Color Psychology.

Once you have found your own color personality, read the explanations describing the personality of this particular color.

Each Color Personality is devided into five different sections. These sections will give you insight into how you process reality and what tools, instruments, strong and weak points you experience in life.

The sections are:


How do you express yourself, how do you process feelings and emotions, how can you express and transform your emotions into creativity, how do you think, how can you expand your mental abilities and use them for your best interest, what exercises or sports are good for you, what do you believe in, what meaning has spirituality or religion to you, what is your mission or vision and your life purpose in this life time, what is your motivation for doing things?


What social position are you comfortable with, how do you interact with society, how do you communicate with yourself and others?


What type of relationships are good for you, who are you compatible with, what type of partner do you attract, how do you experience sex and intimacy?


What jobs and occupations are suitable for you, what does career mean to you, what is your leadership style and how do you interact with others in your business environment, how do you handle finances and what is your connection to money, how do you react when confronted with problems and what is your best way of solving your own and other peoples problems?


How can you recharge your life energy batteries, what tools can you use to achieve well-being, harmony and personal power, what will help you in your personal growth, how can you live your full potential, how do you achieve Mind/Body harmony and personal and spiritual growth?

Imagine yourself and your Aura - radiant and beautiful, in breathtaking colors - right on your Computer or Television screen. What seemed to be impossible a few decades ago, is reality now. With the Aura Video System seeing your Aura move and change in real-time is almost as easy as being a clairvoyant.

The Inneractive Aura Video Station measures and displays your Energy in real-time. Integrating Inneractive Biofeedback, Color Psychology and Vibrational Medicine it is a powerful tool to entertain, educate and enlighten people like you and me.

Your Aura Colors reflect your

personality traits-behavior emotional-energetic health

relationships and career will power, psychic abilities

spiritual development strong and weak points

Your Aura Colors might change and are influenced by

your emotions and feelings

your will power and your thoughts

inner energetic or spiritual activity

other people around you

your environment and surroundings and…

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